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Who We Are

We Sell Alibaba Products At Scale

We are a group of marketers, developers that combine science and art to sell retail products online. We work with Top AliBaba Suppliers to source products and sell them at scale across Mobile, Social and Web.


Metrics Driven

We learn by science and hold fast to analytics to drive the most effective media to product


Research & Development

Our team spots trends and can move quickly on them to sell products to a captivated audience.


Save Time + Money

We move fast and can get a test marketing campaign of your product live within days of first contact.


Expert Marketers

We rely on our vast network and media buying skill sets to grow brands quickly online.

Awards Winning Product Marketing Company

We Are eJam

We are the best AliBaba partner by using our skill sets to promote, optimize and brands products across the internet and the globe. .

Landing Page Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Online Media Buying

Google AdWords

Have some great products we should buy from you? Just drop an email or WeChat to us and lets talk!

OnePage SEO - Mobile - Social

We Buy Alibaba Products and Market Them Online - At Scale

We use an endless set of tools to market the right products. Once we test, some products take off like a rocket, while other do not. Here is our process below.

Identify Trends

We first identify trends within the market to understand products that will fit a broad audience

Alibaba Partner Identification

We then look for Qualified Sellers on the Alibaba Marketplace in which we can source and buy our products from your company.

Initial Test

Once we have products shipped to our US Headquarters in California, we run small marketing tests to identify consumer demand.

Place Orders

If Consumer Demand is strong, and marketing campaigns work well we then place a large order to help support our fullfillment.

Scale Marketing

Once product has arrived, we then scale up our marketing efforts to sell product globally to consumers.

Scalable Growth

As our marketing grows, so does our demand. We can be a predictable and scalable partner.


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Happy Alibaba Suppliers


Campaigns Tested


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Lets Connect

We are always looking for great products to buy from great partners. If you have a product that you think would be a fit for us, please reach out. .

Email: hello@ejam.com

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